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Why does Epoxy Jewelry Glue Use Polyetheramine as Curing Agent?

Dec. 11, 2020

As a Polyetheramine Wholesalers, share with you. Polyetheramine can be used as a curing agent, mainly for good viscosity, so it has a wide range of applications. It generally contains a primary amine group connected to one end of the polyether main chain. The main chain generally has ethylene oxide (EO), propylene oxide (PO) or EO/PO mixed structure, so it is named "polyetheramine". One of its uses is to use it as a curing agent for epoxy jewelry adhesives. Why choose it as a curing agent?

Polyetheramine D400

Polyetheramine D400

When the jewelry glue is cast to make jewelry, it requires low gel viscosity, mold molding, good fluidity, no brittleness, no cracking, low heat generation, minimal shrinkage, and good flexibility before and after demolding, which can be released as much as possible The internal stress generated during the curing process keeps the colloid from deforming and integrates many of these characteristics. Only by using it can it be achieved perfectly. Therefore, in the casting process of handicrafts, polyetheramines are generally used completely, or modified products, whether they are transparent and colorless, transparent and colored, opaque, or fillers, even if another type is required due to other characteristics The curing agent is generally used for modification. Because many of its characteristics are necessary for jewelry adhesives, there is rarely a curing agent that has so many advantages at the same time, and it can be dissolved with almost all amine curing agents.

Epoxy glue is the most widely used type of epoxy jewelry glue, and all glues, whether hard glue, soft glue or curved surface glue, use polyether amine as the curing agent. It is the choice of the jewelry designer to be transparent, bright, rigid and flexible, and not easy to change color. Moderate viscosity, non-toxic and odorless are the favorite materials of the operator. The product is bright, soft in color, moisturizing, free in shape, non-toxic and non-toxic. Stimulation is the favorite of jewelry users. These are the reasons why almost all kinds of epoxy jewelry choose polyetheramine as curing agent.

Of course, there are many uses for jewelry glue, such as decorative coatings, bonding of precious decorative materials, polishing, and vacuum coating of the inner cushion layer, etc., will use it to cure or modify. Now the world's chemical jewelry glue mainly uses epoxy glue, and the curing agent of epoxy jewelry glue mostly uses polyether amine, which is completely scientifically justified. Its cross-linked products can enhance the elasticity, toughness, impact resistance and flexibility of the cured product. Its low viscosity, low color and long operating time are very suitable for the production and production of epoxy jewelry glue.

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